Map. History of Far-right conflict

23 September 2018
Far-right National Front mayor of French town Beaucaire halts pork-free school meals offered for Muslim and Jewish students, claiming that they are "anti-Republican"
Fox News host Laura Ingraham retweeted a video from British neo-Nazi Mark Collett who is connected to former KKK leader David Duke.
8 month ago
Twitter blocks the account of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party as part of new measures designed to curb hate speech
FBI affidavit on alleged Amtrak attacker reads like classic online radicalization: pics of white supremacist banner drops on highways, found a neo-Nazi group online, then a trip to Charlottesville
FBI says armed white supremacist tried to attack Amtrak train, was interested in "killing black people"
[email protected]: Wolff Book Is Full of 'Inaccuracies and Lies'
Steve Bannon on Trump's Russia connection: "This is all about money launderingTheir path to f--- Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner It's as plain as a hair on your face."
Ann Coulter urged Trump not to hire Jared Kushner as chief of staff: book
Trump on Bannon: "Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. "
Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book
[email protected]'s account has been locked, according to this email that was just forwarded to me by someone who reported his "give them a taste of their own blood" tweets.
Ukrainian nationalists are marching tonight in Kyiv8 month ago
Ukrainian nationalists are marching tonight in Kyiv
Torch march in Slovyansk of Donetsk region
Additional images from the Facebook page of the Douglas County shooting suspect. - 9NEWS
The man suspected of shooting several Douglas County Sheriff's deputies, killing one, had a Facebook page filled with images associated with the alt-right. - 9NEWS
Russia says it has detained a suspect in St. Petersburg supermarket blast
Bulgarian ultra nationalists publish photos in their website of their participation in meeting of European nationalist groups in Dortmund. Of course, they are pro-Assad. Among organizations participated in this meeting is also Blood and Honor [banned in many countries].
Mosque(Islamic Cultural centre in Saffle) attacked in Sweden with a home made bomb. Police suspect hate crime
Bannon and Breitbart have cut ties with Paul Nehlen. A Bannon advisor told me that the far-right Paul Ryan challenger is "dead to us." His author page has been scrubbed from Breitbart.
8 month ago
Alt-right, white supremacist Richard Spencer is a finalist for Texan Of The Year
9 month ago
Alleged neo-Nazi teen charged with killing Virginia couple.
9 month ago
Today the ruling Fidesz party's main daily paper ran an article explicitly referring to a Jewish global network giving Jews "positive discrimination" and "hurting the majority's interests", arguing that Soros is now creating a "more violent" one where "money is God". #Hungary
Vanity Fair: Steve Bannon is fed up with Trump—and has privately said he would consider running for president, himself, in 2020
9 month ago
48-year-old Darren Osborne has pleaded not guilty to terrorism-related murder and attempted murder after he allegedly drove a van at Muslims outside a mosque in Finsbury Park in north London in June
Tonight PM Löfven held a speech at the manifestation against antisemitism in Stockholm
The Charlottesville, Virginia, police chief retired yesterday, and the City Council voted to begin setting up a Police Civilian Review Board. Today, the city attorney announced he'll step down
Former D.C. area police officer found guilty of trying to back ISIS was apparently interested in both Islamic extremism and Nazism because of anti-Semitism, which is a foundation for both
Virginia police chief retires after criticism over Charlottesville's response to violent white nationalist rally.
Israel's Netanyahu: Israeli ministers/officials will continue not to meet ministers from Austrian freedom party even after they entered the coalition government in Austria
9 month ago
German ex-rightist Sascha L. jailed for plotting Islamist attack on police
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