Map. History of Far-right conflict

19 September 2018
Nationalists' activists clashed with communists activists in Kyiv and seized anti-Ukrainian leaflets7 month ago
Nationalists' activists clashed with communists activists in Kyiv and seized anti-Ukrainian leaflets
7 month ago
Italy's Northern League chief attacks euro, says preparing exit
The University of California in Berkeley spent almost $4 million on security for a month of free speech events last year when the famously liberal campus became a flashpoint for the country's political divisions.
Breitbart has deleted this tweet
Breitbart: We have deleted a tweet that did not meet our editorial standards.
A Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi will be the Republican nominee for an Illinois congressional seat. "I'm running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany. All right. To me the Holocaust is what I said it is: It's an international extortion racket."
7 month ago
Eight to ten members of the German far-right "Alternative for Germany" have arrived in Russia-annexed Crimea earlier today "to discuss the lifting of the sanctions".
7 month ago
At least 6 people have been wounded in series of drive-by shootings in Macerata, Italy. The suspect, Luca Traini, 28, had taken part in regional elections for anti-immigration Northern League last year and reportedly made fascist salute when captured.
7 month ago
No more tax money for Germany's 'neo-Nazi' party: German Bundesrat (legislative body) chocks off state funding to extreme-right NPD. Politicians agreed that a German ultranationalist party with a hostile view of democracy should not receive official funding
German police arrest six far right supporters ahead of anti-refugee demo in east
Warsaw Ghetto survivor and writer Halina Birenbaum is "afraid I'll be arrested in Poland."
It's old information
[Old video from 16 December 2017] The Azov Battalion's "National Militia Units" group clashes with police
Pictures from Cherkasy city council, where "National militia" staged a show of force "to assist the deputies", who decided to dissolve the council yesterday over crisis with heating.
7 month ago
Hungary's Orban visits Austria's right-wing government, seeking allies
"100 years of Krut battle" march in Kharkiv
Azov has formed a 600-strong far-right militia National Druzhina to patrol Kyiv7 month ago
Azov has formed a 600-strong far-right militia "National Druzhina" to patrol Kyiv
7 month ago
Austrian far-right candidate rejects president's call to step down after it emerges that a fraternity he helped lead distributed song books with Nazi content
PM Netanyahu orders israeli ambassador to Warsaw to meet tonight with Poland's PM and protest against the new Holocaust law passed by the polish parliament
Poland just banned "Banderyzm", i.e. propagating the ideology of Stepan Bandera, leader of militant Ukrainian nationalists before and during WW2, and denying that said nationalists committed genocide against Poles in Volhynia in 1943/44. Crime carries maximum 3-year jail sentence
US President Donald Trump apologises for the first time for retweeting a British far-right group's videos apparently showing Islamist violence: ITV interview
Arthur Wagner, a politician in the eastern state of Brandenburg, has become a Muslim. His Alternative for Germany (AfD) party entered the Bundestag last year following a populist, anti-Islam campaign.
Alex Jones showing what he claims are pages from the FISA memo.7 month ago
Alex Jones showing what he claims are pages from the FISA memo.
7 month ago
UKIP leader Henry Bolton has told Sky News the party could not embark on another leadership contest after he refused to resign from his role
7 month ago
Far-right AfD's Gauland sparks outrage in German parliament when ridiculing the 55th anniversary of Elysee Treaty: "This is not an outstanding anniversary, but just a random occasion used as an excuse to reinforce @MartinSchulz's call for a United States of Europe"
Far-right Burned Down Libertaria Squat in Thessaloniki8 month ago
Far-right Burned Down Libertaria Squat in Thessaloniki
8 month ago
An estimated 90,000 Greeks join nationalist rally over Macedonia name row in northern city of Thessaloniki. Among those who joined were right-wing clerics, neo-fascist Golden Dawn and members of right-wing New Democracy party. Anarchists were attacked.
8 month ago
UKIP's ruling body unanimously backs vote of no confidence in leader Henry Bolton
OneLifeLA marchers make their way down Spring St. to LA State Historic Park
Around 2000 at far right xenophobic demo against refugees in Cottbus Germany right now. No counter protests Images by @max03050
President @realDonaldTrump delivers remarks to @March for Life from the Rose Garden of the @WhiteHouse. #MarchForLife
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